I Love You Banner

While walking through the craft store I noticed they were selling pre-cut banners and decided “I can make those!” I found this set of Sizzix dies and it was really all I needed to get started.

Although it may look like burlap, I went with a durable outdoor upholstery fabric to make the banner. I wanted something that wouldn’t fray too easily. I really didn’t want to have to break out the sewing machine for this project. I will admit it was not the easiest to cut with the dies and I had to go over most of them with a pair of scissors after attempting to cut them with the machine.

For the first time ever, I put my cropadile to use in the way it was intended. For the past 10 years it has only ever been used it as a hole punch! I bought a small pack of eyelets and spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out how to apply them to the fabric properly lol. I cut 3 sizes for the banner flags but went with the middle size for this project. My alphabet stitching dies from papertreyink worked great for this. I think the layered felt and the texture given to the letters by stitching them adds a special touch.

I really like the way this turned out. As my last craft of 2016, I hope to make more in the coming year.

Happy New Year !

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Plushy Felt Tree

Christmas has put me in the mood for trees. I haven’t put up a formal tree in years but I am developing an unhealthy obsession with little trees. I found a cool wood grain fabric and was inspired to make a couple plush trees using wool felt and hot glue (and maybe a couple more things)… BOOM! It’s that simple!

Felt Pine Tree


Ok, so this one wasn’t as simple. I cut each leaf individually with my Sizzix Big Shot… but it was worth the effort.

Felt Oak Tree

Both are currently available in my Etsy shop:

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Felt and Poinsettia Wreath

Happy Labor Day! I have been doing some cleaning, reorganizing, and of course… buying. There is a going out of business sale at a local fabric store and I just had to stop in, TWICE! There were really great deals on zippers and I picked up a ton of upholstery fabric samples. Also, I bought possibly too much red felt so I decided to get started on a project.

These dies are My Favorite Things POINSETTIA. I have used this set before on several other projects.  I highly recommend them! They work well for flowers for any occasion, not just Christmas!

During my cleanup I discovered a couple of wreaths I didn’t remember wrapping. Here’s the one I picked. It is a super chunky white yarn. I have started exclusively using straw wreaths and chunky yarn to wrap my wreaths. This wreath measures 8″.


Now here’s the fun part if you’d like to follow along. All you will need is:

Cut 10 large flowers and 20 small flowers.  Stack two small flowers on top of the larger flower and place three pins in the center. Be sure to push the pins securely in the wreath. poinsettiawreath03

It should begin to look something like this–poinsettiawreath04

It looks pretty cool with just the three, so you may get the urge to stop here. I decided to keep going. The size of your wreath will of course determine how many flowers you will ultimately need. Be sure to adjust your supplies accordingly. Here is my final result!



So my holiday project is complete. I hope you will give it a try. If you have any suggestions on what I can do with my remaining mountain of red felt, drop a comment 😉

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