Den Sweet Den

Ok, it’s a little behind schedule, but isn’t everything lately? Have you received all of your cards yet? I still have cards coming in. I’ve also been waiting on a package to be for nearly a month as well but that is another story.

I make my cards each year completely by hand. I have in the past used my Cricut, but honestly I don’t think I have used it in about 5 years. I prefer the manual die cutting process. It’s far more time consuming, but there is something about it that is just more enjoyable.

As soon as I saw this Lawn Fawn set I just had to have it!

Enjoyable as I may claim the process to be, I don’t send out many Christmas cards because I like to turn making them into a tedious all consuming challenge 😆

The coloring and cutting and pasting… 🤯

I only do about 20-25.

I only make cards for the holidays, but I’m working on doing it more often in 2021 and making snail mail a more regular thing. Everyone loves happy mail! 😁

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