My birthday was April 6. I didn’t get to do very much because everything was and is still it shut down. I didn’t even bother taking the day off and worked from home (I haven’t worked on my birthday in forever). To celebrate the day I went… OUTSIDE! A big event since I haven’t been leaving the house much. Didn’t even have a real cake. At least I found a candle.

Coconut Tastykake. It was just ok.

The biggest thing that happened was this–

iPad Pro 11 & Apple Pencil

A new iPad! I have been using the same iPad for about 10 years and it is very limited in what it is still able to do. It’s a shame because it essentially works just fine but is sadly obsolete. It can still go online but far as apps, all I can get to work is YouTube.

This new iPad has me excited because I can finally play around and do silly doodles and illustrations. I am not especially talented at drawing, I just find it to be a great way to relax and make cute things without creating a big mess to clean up afterwards (like all of my other crafty hobbies).

The pencil is taking some time to get used to, but I’m having fun with it. Hand lettering has always been something I wanted to try. I still need lots of practice as you can see–


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