Who Hates Ironing?

I really hate ironing. I have a fear of irons. I saw that episode of ‘Good Times’ a few times too many. Poor little Penny. They’re hot, they get knocked over, they burn… it’s just no good. I will seriously put back an item of clothing if it look like ironing will need to be involved. It’s not for me. But for sewing ironing is a requirement. I remember I sat down to sew for the first time and realized, I don’t have an iron! We found an old one in the basement that was really horrible. It took a while, but I finally invested in this Oliso Pro. I bought it at JoAnns on sale. I was worried ’cause the box she pulled out was covered in an inch of dust and I thought maybe they were bad if they could build up that much dust in the store (but maybe that’s due to the price). I still hate ironing, but I’m happy I splurged.ironing

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