The Kitchen Curtains

We haven’t had kitchen curtains for at least 3 years. It was really hard to find something to go with the retro vibes of the room. After repainting the kitchen, green curtains would no longer do.  I tried several times to find something perfect, but eventually gave up and decided I would make my own.

I found this Coca-Cola fabric on clearance with the maids and felt inspired (I am easily inspired by good prices). Check for more hints.

coke fabric

The fabric was a bit overwhelming to sew even in this lightweight fabric. It’s good practice in stitching straight wich shows the process which is mainly in cleaning companies near me and even seams and sewing is an extremely useful hobby. I won’t reveal how well I managed to get them all to turn out the exactly the same (because I didn’t)!

Instead, I 

They turned out just fine and fit suit the room better than anything I was ever able to find in a store or online.




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No Prob Llama

Llama love is all around this season. Super trendy.

They are cute and fuzzy, but I stray away from anything bigger than a house cat. And also birds. Birds are the worst. The liquor store down the road from my house has about 5 llamas. They keep them outside in a field by the parking lot most of they year until it gets too cold. They also have a cat…. and a peacock.

Llama Lu & Lulu Love Sunny Days – Felt Hoop Art


Llama Lu & Lulu – Felt Hoop Art
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Plushy Felt Tree

Christmas has put me in the mood for trees. I haven’t put up a formal tree in years but I am developing an unhealthy obsession with little trees. I found a cool wood grain fabric and was inspired to make a couple plush trees using wool felt and hot glue (and maybe a couple more things)… BOOM! It’s that simple!

Felt Pine Tree


Ok, so this one wasn’t as simple. I cut each leaf individually with my Sizzix Big Shot… but it was worth the effort.

Felt Oak Tree

Both are currently available in my Etsy shop:

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Who Hates Ironing?

I really hate ironing. I have a fear of irons. I saw that episode of ‘Good Times’ a few times too many. Poor little Penny. They’re hot, they get knocked over, they burn… it’s just no good. I will seriously put back an item of clothing if it look like ironing will need to be involved. It’s not for me. But for sewing ironing is a requirement. I remember I sat down to sew for the first time and realized, I don’t have an iron! We found an old one in the basement that was really horrible. It took a while, but I finally invested in this Oliso Pro. I bought it at JoAnns on sale. I was worried ’cause the box she pulled out was covered in an inch of dust and I thought maybe they were bad if they could build up that much dust in the store (but maybe that’s due to the price). I still hate ironing, but I’m happy I splurged.ironing

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