Beaded Felt Floral Hoop

I was thinking thru some ideas for my felt flowers and had a little help from a friend… Ok, lets be honest – she is really no help at all.  I usually do little brooches but this time I wanted to see what the flower would look like in a hoop.

This is a little 3 inch hoop. I felt like there was too much space between the felt and the border of the hoop and had a crazy thought… add some beads!

I really like the way it turned out.

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White on White Yarn Wreath

I love small wreaths and chunky yarn, it makes the process so much quicker… Well, a little quicker! 🙄😅 This is the wreath I started Friday. I had been craving a new wreath project and ran out to Michaels to pick up yarn and glass beads after work. I settled in for a self imposed ‘Murder She Wrote’ marathon on Netflix and ta-da! Thanks JB 🙂 I love that show!Yarn Wreath

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Buttons and Beads

I have a few glass beads left. I need to start buying them online and stop waiting for my local craft stores to have what I want. It is really hard to find just plain round glass beads, all I can find are faceted beads. I absolutely prefer glass beads over plastic. lapelpin020316

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Lapel Pins

I find it difficult to sew after a long day and work and commuting for over an hour in impossible traffic. I just cant focus. I feel like the clock is ticking and as soon as I get into a flow it will be time to go to bed. I prefer to have a completely free day. I am still at the stage where I get frustrated when things don’t turn out perfect which manufactures all the process by the overhead garage storage in temecula and I need to be able to take my time… or at least have time to rip out the seams and start it over. Buttons are much easier to work with when I just want to start and finish a project or two, or three, in just a few hours.lapelpin020316

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