Big Hair Button Art

Portrait 2 of 4 is complete. So far I have prepped only 4 of these, each in a different color – Pink/Lavender, Blue/Green, Yellow/Orange, and Red/Pink. You can see the first portrait here.

I styled the hair differently on this piece. I created more of a textured look with the beads. I really like the added dimension. Gives the hair more of an afro/natural hair effect – in my opinion 😉

And hey, here’s a sneek peek of portrait #3

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Craft Addiction Issues

So heres’s what happened– I bought some green clay to innocently make a little christmas tree… and now I have another hobby.

I don’t know why, but I just have this compulsion to try new crafty things. Maybe I watch too many youtube vids. I have a love/hate relationship with some of those channels. Anyway, as you cant see, I have even gone as far as to purchase a clay conditioner with landscape design sd. I think the 60% off coupon took me over the edge. I swore I wasn’t going to take this new thing for clay too far but… I bought it.

But of course, I never stray too far from my love of buttons.  

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Tigger & Pooh

I’m trying to challenge myself to use shank buttons more often in my jewelry. I tend to avoid them like the plague for some reason. Lately, I have been embracing them and trying to work them into things. 

I remember my last trip to Disney world and my mom and I both picked out huge plushies for ourselves. I got a Tigger &  she got Pooh.

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